What We Do

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Our products help you understand location.

Boundaries & Geofences

Geofence data is available via API or download for political and building boundaries in the United States. You can also use our tools to construct custom viewsheds for audience measurement and segmentation. 

Points of Interest

Our point of interest data covers more than 8 million of the most important places in the United States where people live, work, play, shop, eat, worship and study. Very accurate and nuanced, the POI data is crosswalked to each of the geofence data sets and to your custom viewsheds. Need to add new dimensions to our POIs? Our taxonomy tool enables you to create and curate custom fields.



We can help you with a bespoke, geospatial project or can help you integrate our products into your solution.

Software Engineering

Our engineering team works in in a variety of software stacks including React. We're pretty good with Big Data and Elastic Search too.

Data Curation

From a custom taxonomy to help define your locations to curating location-based datasets, we can staff large scale scale curation projects for a few weeks or for long time.